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Getaway Wellness

Katie Moran, LMT, YTT200, RM

My Approach...

Over the past decade + I have tailored a unique therapeutic massage style which weaves several modalities together.  Each session,  I design treatment protocols around the clients specific needs and comfort levels to achieve an optimal outcome.  

Some of the advanced techniques I use include structural rehabilitation, myofascial release, and craniosacral. I also incorporate reiki, shamanic sound healing, and ayurvedic yoga principals... as well as life coaching, aromatherapy, and guided meditation.

I offer appointments, private group workshops, and trainings.

All appointments are booked online by following the links above and below to getawaywellness​.com

Aromatherapy + Hand Sanitizer 

Infused with organic essential oils, love, reiki, a rose quartz crystal, and sound healing vibrations, this 70% alcohol and aloe hand sanitizer keeps us clean, calm, and it smells amazing! Can be used in the air or on skin. I believe that this product can help add comfort and beauty into your life.

Ayurvedic Blissful Nirvana

This heavenly therapy is a combination of massage and shirodhara.  Marma points are awakened within the rejuvenating face and body massage

 - then - warm oil streams luxuriously over the forehead, flows through the hair, nourishes the scalp, opens and cleanses the third eye (the seat of consciousness).

This service takes the mind, body and soul on an inner journey of relaxation and mental purification.

3314 Paper Mill Road

Phoenix, MD 21131

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