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Synergy Physical Therapy

Barb Moran, PT, IMTC

My approach

The techniques I use are hands on, gentle, and refreshingly effective. As layers of your pain peel away, you will uncover a greater awareness of who you are and how to begin working on your next layer of adventure.  Compensations develop gradually, sometimes over many years... but my diagnostics and treatments will begin building the structural integrity to create your best function day one.

Complimentary Consultation

Discover a fresh perspective of what IMT can do to help you with your current healing challenge, help you live your best life, and discuss your treatment goals.  Here we begin to create the roadmap for your goals by rebalancing your internal and external body.​


Myofascial mapping is used to record energetic patterning which helps pinpoint areas of inflammation and dysfunction... exposing core pain sources.  From this, I develop a well rounded treatment program with ongoing consultation from the developer of IMT, Dr. Thomas Giammatteo in Connecticuit.

IMT Treatments

Refined, gentle, hands-on techniques begin rebuilding structural integrity, enhancing function, and helping you to realize a deeper awareness of your optimal self.  Treatment regimes include physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual considerations.


Want to learn more about Integrative Manual Therapy?

follow the link below to deep dive on our foundations and resources 

3314 Paper Mill Road

Phoenix, MD 21131

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